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Just started. A strong debut for sure and looking forward to returning to it tomorrow! Loving the old skool pre-Lucasarts Sierra Games vibe. Was hit by this error that led to the game crashing when clicking on the title screen outside the selectable options. This has real potential when you get around to adding some of your own voice acting if you don’t have the budget for pros to narrate the texts, or some built-in TTS synth or just muffled audio gibberish SFX maybe. 

Okay, just got through it and a more complete sentiment now! Some of the zones for walking to other screens might be expanded/relaxed a bit to make it easier to navigate without having to click a few times to find the hot spot. Loved the humor and charm... felt like a mix of Day of the Tentacle and Space Quest (which has an amazing remake here on Itch) yet plenty of original thinking. At first I thought that mom was a futuristic shower to save on water :D 

Hey Tonewarper!!

Thank you so much for playing the game and also taking the time to respond with that great feedback! 

Sorry you encountered a bug, we'll get that fixed ASAP! :)

More content will be added this year and we'll be preping for some crowdfunding TBD.

Thanks again!